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Parameters explained

  • Smoothing: number of amplitude points calculated from sound
  • Step: is distance between points along X axis
  • Color of model:color of 3D vizualized waveform
  • Offset:additional distance between first point along Y axis
  • Flat:
    • Depth: distance along Z axis
    • Sides: One - side only on Y axis, Two - waveform is mirrored across XZ plane
  • Spectrogram:
    • Depth: distance between points along Z axis
    • FFT size: window size in samples that is used when performing a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) to get frequency domain data
    • Min decibels: minimum power value in the scaling range for the FFT analysis data
    • Max decibels: maximum power value in the scaling range for the FFT analysis data
  • Circular:
    • Segmets: the number of points that make up the circle
  • Text:
    • Font from file: accepts .json file that can be generated from .ttf file on website: Facetype.js
    • Type: Subtract - subtract text from 3D waveform, union - add text to 3D waveform
    • Text depth: distance along Z axis
    • Text size: font size
  • Stand/hole:
    • Cylinder radius: radius of circle
    • Clyinder height: height along Y axis
  • Bend:
    • Angle: bend angle in π, center of bending is always half of 3D waveform lenght
    • Offset: offset when twisting begin
    • Twist: twist 3D waveform along X axis


Website 3D generation of waveform run on client, we do NOT collect any of your recorded sounds.

Project is open source, code is under MIT license, so feel free to use it how ever you like.
Are you looking for simple stand base, you can download it here: download stand.stl
Future goals: separete canvas renders and UI to separete threads, more user friendly text and stand moving, audio cutting for better detail...

Do you have any suggestion, or you found some weird bug? Send us a email or open issue on Github.

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